What I will say when asked, ‘How’s your editing been going?’

I began November happily focussed on the edit of my YA manuscript currently going by the title Queen@16. All was going well until I read that Meanjin had announced a Canberra edition to honour next year’s centenary.

A Canberra edition of Meanjin is not to be sniffed at just because one has a NaNoReWriMo goal so unfortunately my MC Brigit has been left dangling – as well as paranoid and trying to save the world all by herself as MC’s are want to do.

Since then I’ve been looking at the short stories and memoirs in my virtual craft bag to see what would be a good fit, and to determine how much fixing up said pieces need.

There were a couple of short stories that I thought would be a good fit – and which needed a little more work. There is also a December 10 deadline around the corner for prestigious Brit mag Mslexia that I plan to submit to.

Sometimes we need to shift the goal posts. But don’t worry,  I’m making a promise to get back to Brigit in December and finishing building her world.

Has your November gone to plan?

2 comments on “What I will say when asked, ‘How’s your editing been going?’

  1. jackie says:

    I don’t even have a plan so you are already ahead of me! Ha ha ha…

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