The success paradigm

I have felt very irritable and stressed the last few days and I haven’t been able to discern exactly why. It’s hot, my children have been pushing their boundaries more than usual, I’ve had house-guests. There are so many variables who would know where to begin?

Then yesterday it occurred to me that perhaps my odd mood was down to something good rather than something bad.

I know enough in theory to know that being published is only half the battle in the publishing industry. I know once you get published you have to keep writing. So maybe that’s why I’ve been cranky.

I had my first short story, The Boy on the Trampoline, published – which was great, though I’ve purposely attempted not to place too much importance on it.

But though I have reached a significant writer’s milestone, I still have editing to do, short stories that need to compost, children’s books that must remain scribbles in exercise books for now. There’s also a YA ms to beta-read, my promotional blog to refine and all this while these teenagers continue bickering right beside me!

How are you feeling?

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