Letting go of ideas

I recently made the decision to order in some help with a wordpress blog I had been playing around with. The blog is supposed to be a small add-on to my first book that has just been published on Amazon et al. I wanted something that would extend the reader experience even the tiniest bit – plus I’d planned on sending out some tweets from my MC and some other cute things. Problem was I couldn’t make the blog site look even halfway decent.

This minimalist theme just about suits me for this blog but I needed something pink and girly and full of energy and I was completely stuck.

I am constantly struggling for time and vacillating between doing more work and passing out in a coma in front of Gossip Girl so I was very proud when I managed to source someone on ODesk to make a few tweaks in wordpress.

Problem was he went crazy – doing a fantastic design job that I couldn’t possibly afford to see to fruition. And even if I could – I could not financially justify. Sarah’s Song will live under the radar for most of its life, I’m sure. The blog was just one more of those ambitious ideas I like to torture myself with. I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll do – I need to balance my ideas with some valuable promotional avenues. Advice on Absolute Write points to sending out copies of my book to generate reviews on Amazon as one of the best returns on investment. I’ve just received a print copy of my book and unfortunately the cover is pixellated in some places so it’s going to have to go through some tweaks with the cover designer.

The good thing that has come out of the episode is that I’ve found a fantastic blog designer – and he got me thinking. If I’m going to pay for a blog design upgrade then it ought to be this one.

Watch this space…(but not too intently).

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