Sewing status


I stood outside a women’s fashion store recently and read the huge poster in the window. It was about an artist who had designed something for the shop’s range. For some moments I was in envious awe of the woman whose resume included sculptor, speaker and various hipster roles. Wow. I thought. I feel so inadequate, I thought.

Then I remembered what I do for a living and my thoughts shifted to, Wow. Great copy. Great marketing.

I was really sold on that woman and her artistic persona.

It reminded me that all we need to do is write the words. Write them and read them. Create not just our world, but the successful persona we feel we need to rest easy.

During a moment of visualisation I made this book cover which now sits atop the last hard draft of my ms. The cover (if you look closely!) proclaims, ‘A stunning debut,’ and ‘Beautiful.’ It was a good way to remind me of what I was aiming toward.

Here are some more I’ll add.

‘Haunting. Sublime.’


And here are some I have actually received but that no-one has hung in a shop window.

‘Really wonderful, enigmatic piece. I can assure you I’ll be thinking about it for a while.’

‘The way in which you managed to balance the subtlety of your prose with the horror of the world you created was quite a feat and it’s one of the pieces which has really stayed with me.’

‘Your piece was moving and well written in parts. There is some great potential here.’

‘The story’s premise is hilarious! The garden detail is also good.’

I’m keeping these positive comments close to me, in the hope they’ll stop me from getting washed away in the tide of words out there. But more than that, I’m going to place them on imagined book covers, to keep creating where I want to be.

Want to blow your trumpet – real or imagined? Create your world. Share your reviews, collages, blurbs, copy. Let’s build our own fantasy, selling only the colourful threads of our imaginations.