Naming things

When I am out of balance – a little too stressed, I can find it really difficult to engage with a book, or any form of reading. And there’s nothing worse for your desire to read than struggling to feel immersed. A friend has sent me Richard Flanagan’s ‘Gould’s Book of Fish’ which he has raved about, but I’m struggling to remember who the characters are and what the narrator told me yesterday. This may not be the author’s fault, it may be that my head is too full of chaos right now.

What disturbs me more than being unable to connect with the book though, is the feeling that I wont find another book that works magic within me. That concern becomes so real for me sometimes that I needed to remind myself of ‘my’ wonderful books – not the books I think I should love, but the books I do, or have, no matter what.

I decided to name them. Put them into my own hall of fame right now.

The Blind Assassin*

Oscar and Lucinda

Cat’s Eye

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor


Ballet Shoes


The Life of Pi

Pippi Longstocking

Treasures of the Snow

Eve Green

Never Let Me Go

Fight Club

Oryx and Crake


Theft: A Love Story

The God of Small Things

The Virgin Suicides


The Secret Garden

What books would you put in your hall of fame?


*I know I’ve done the seemingly unforgivable in leaving the author’s names away from this list. I have done it almost entirely for aesthetic reasons.

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