Marketing your words

I hate marketing myself. Sometimes I ask myself if my best work is destined to be nothing more than 140 characters about myself.

My present marketing consists of dredging my thoughts for what of the writing process might be interesting to others. Yet everywhere I look I see others saying the same things back at me, til we make infinite mirrors of words.

How do we sift through the words and find the sentences that stop a breath, make a heart beat faster or a throat constrict? It’s essential to be selective – or drown in mediocrity. I want to surround myself with astonishing writing in the hope that I will become even the tiniest bit awesome, because for me there’s nothing more thrilling than writing something wonderful.

So, while I’m marketing myself I’m also searching for writers who want to hold hands, share and support, inspire and be inspired, and write breathtaking stories. Then we’ll all have something to tweet about.

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