A strange truth about writers and writing

When all else fails...sketch.

When all else fails…sketch.

It feels as though I’ve hit a wall this week. Last week I spent one whole day laying on my sofa due to my ongoing back problems – and afterward my back was a lot better. (The medication I’ve loaded up on is a help too).

This week I have begun two blogs but not finished them.

One of the things I have noticed on Absolute Write is how many users list their works in progress. Part of their signature  details just how many projects they have at various stages of development. If I’d had any doubts about my organic methods of working at least that assured me they’re pretty normal.

As it stands at present I have one self-published novel out in the world. I have an adult manuscript which is complete and doing the rejection rounds, a collection of short stories, a draft novella, and various pieces of life-writing. Oh, and a YA ms that’s nearly finished, a sequel planned out with a couple of thousand words written, and a second adult novel swishing about constantly saying, ‘me next, me me!’

Focusing on one piece of work until it’s utterly finished can be tricky for a number of reasons. As the piece comes closer to the finish it becomes harder – there’s a lot of stamina required. Plus, you’re not even sure you’re doing right. You need a professional or a group to work with to help bring it to a shiny glaze. While you wait for a beta-reader to take a look you write a short story to get some air – then you leave that to sit because there’s something missing but you don’t know what.

I’ve begun drafting out three separate strategies to try to get some clarity around what I need to do next. But the strategies aren’t quite finished yet. Sounds familiar.

I’ll keep you posted!