How was your writing week?

Tangled | Image by sk8geek

Tangled | Image by sk8geek

What did you work on last week?

This weekend I went out to get air and space and write about Josef. He is complex, myriad, messy and he confuses me. From a literary perspective he frightens me. He doesn’t have a neat personality swatch.

I’ve written him already. I’ve written all the scenes he is in – all with Aimee. I have whole dramatic situations which haven’t made the cut – thus far. I’ve expanded him, contracted him, and I still struggle to know what to put in and what is extraneous.

However, I sat down with him, a glass of wine and a laksa and I just kept coming at him. His rules, his cruelties, his obsessions, his sweetness. I aimed to write slowly instead of running at him, over him, trying to skip the hard bits – he is intricate and exhausting. I aimed to drain one whole thread of his being at a time but my thoughts came out of order and I scribbled as much as I could; there were lots of arrows. I drafted analogies and imagery to support my claim that he is tangled and frightening. Soon I will find the way to make him neat enough for a reader – but he’ll never be perfect and I will never fully understand him.

That’s one thing I do know – that Aimee is never allowed to know what is inside him. She can only ever guess.

How did your writing week go?

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