Get zen on rejection with Jenni Curry’s wise words


Rejection is something which can not be avoided. Not a single person will slip away from its touch. It comes in the realms of dating, jobs, schools, friendships and missed opportunities.

But there is something I have learned about rejection which I would like to share.

1. You must wallow in it for less time than you would have celebrated, if things had been different. This is important. If you had been successful in asking the person out/ getting the job etc. you would have felt elated for a few minutes, or hours. Perhaps you would have called a few people to share the news. This is all still relevant with rejection. So, onto point 2.

2. Put a time limit on it. Think REALLY hard about how long you would have celebrated, then shorten the time period. That’s how long you can wallow in your misery. And…

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New voices in Australian literature: A weekend with the writers of Hardcopy


Words by Bec Fleming, ACTWC Blogger in Residence


It’s Saturday lunchtime, I’m sitting on the grass at Gorman House in a large circle of people I have only just met but feel a strong connection to. Lapping up the spring sunshine and listening to the lively conversation, I am truly content. I’m deeply absorbed in a discussion about the future of reading and writing which had started in the session before and is spilling into lunch. The group is talking, with much passion, about how writers preserve their reading and writing time in a digital world. In a world with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter calling constantly, not just for social reasons but as an increasingly expected part of the publishing process, when do writers read? We don’t resolve this tricky question in our lunch break, but it is one of many challenging questions provoked by an extraordinary series of lectures…

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